A new study orchestrated by psychologists from Brunnel University London surveyed 555 Facebook users who filled out in-depth surveys regarding the "Big Five" personality traits, extroversion, neuroticism, openness/agreeableness, conscientiousness, as well as self-esteem and narcissism.

Let's find out what your Facebook status updates say about your personalty.

The results revealed that "Extraverts" most often updated their social activity and everyday life because they use FB to connect with friends and family. People high in "Openness" updated mostly about intellectual topics, their motivation for using FB for sharing information.

People with "Low Self Esteem" were more likely to use FB to update about their love life or relationships. Participants who were high in "Conscientiousness" used their FB updates to talk about their children and "Narcissists" used FB for attention seeking and to gain validation.

They also used FB for updating their accomplishments along with diet and exercise routines because of the greater amount of likes and comments which indicates that narcissist's boasting may be reinforced by the attention they crave.


My wife, Mindy fits into the extrovert category because of her need to be in touch with all of her friends. The disadvantage is she admittedly spends far too much time on FB.

I, on the other hand, fit into the "Openness" category, because I enjoy sharing my photos, mostly of Candlewood Lake and my adorable grandson. Where do you fit in?



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