There is no way this guy ever saw this coming. 

According to the Daily Mail, Billy Bush is suspended from The Today Show and may be out the door for good. This guy had a discussion with another guy off camera with a mic pack on and years later, here we are. Billy could not have known that he was having a conversation with a man who would eventually run for President, has a million enemies, and an actual chance to win.

This proves that these types of "guy" discussions just are not worth it. Here is what they had to say, by the way, in case you live under a rock. NSFW or church or really anywhere unless you are home alone:

Guys do talk like that -- It's a fact. There are many occasions where I have been in rooms with guys talking about women, and even I became uncomfortable. I am not at all joking when I say that. This is how men talk when they are unsupervised. Is it OK? Nah, it's not, but it happens all the time.

I am going to use this Billy Bush/Donald Trump discussion as an example of why this type of conversation with anyone, anywhere is not worth it.