The stats are staggering! According to the News-Times, every year thousands of children suffer from physical and/or psychological abuse.

Reports of child abuse are made every 10 seconds in this country. Back in 1995, a clinical social worker and a motorcycle lover launched what would become an international organization called "Bikers Against Child Abuse."

The group has started a chapter in Newtown, the first in western Connecticut. The mission is to empower abused children.

All members take on their "road name," and when police or social services refers a child, the bikers "adopt" them and gives them their own "roadname."

The treasurer of the organization, Cookie, said that, "Basically, we introduce that child into our family." Cookie also said, "If we get a call at 3 a.m. in the morning, if the child is afraid or thinks there's a perpetrator outside, we'll get on our bikes and we'll ride to that house en masse to let them know that we're there for them."

Check out B.A.C.A.'s mission statement and how to become involved in this great organization right here.

Man holds sign speaking up about child abuse - Credit: Getty Images

B.A.C.A has received kudos from the Department of Children and Families along with many other child protection groups.

The "tough guy" biker image works to their benefit says Chapter President, "Irish." He goes on to say, "It works because we really are bikers. If a kid calls us and it's raining outside, we're going there , no matter what!"

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