Will your flavor win???     Last year Lay's introduced experimental potato chip flavors and you could vote for the best one!!! Well they are at it again and this years choices are : Cheddar bacon mac and cheese....oh yes please!!!...Mango Salsa...I'm down with that!!!...Wasabi Ginger..oh HELL yeah..that one gets my VOTE!!!!...Cappuccino...oh HELL no..I'll drink it hot or cold but NOT in chip form!!! You can get info at www.lays.com and pretty soon you can start voting-and it lasts until the middle of October. For the record last years was : Sriracha..they were hot and delicious...Chicken and Waffles...they were amazeballs and got the PamJam vote...sadly they did not win. The winner last year was...Cheesy Garlic Bread!!! They were good..but I still prefer mine gooey, drippy and hot!!!