A momma bear and her three cubs apparently assumed they were invited over for dinner at Donna Bendler's home in Roxbury.

From an article in the NewsTimes, three bear cubs and their mom were hungry for an afternoon snack, so they sauntered into Bendler's back yard after they spotted her bird feeders. Unfortunately, the feeders were too high for the family to reach.

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Last year, there were 4,488 bear sightings in Connecticut according to the Department of Environmental Protection. Bears really don't like hanging out with humans. According to author Ben Kilham, in his book, Among the Bears, bears interact with people much like they do with other bears. Bears know the language of dominance and submission. The bear with the more bad-ass attitude becomes the alpha bear, and wins the battle. Sound familiar?

Bears can certainly be cute to watch, but you really don't want them hanging around your property for any extended period of time. To avoid attracting bears:

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*Avoid bird feeders from late March through November

*Wait until morning to put your trash out

*Don't put meats or sweet smelling fruits in composting piles

Bears are known to become very aggressive when it comes to attacking livestock and bee hives. If a bear or bear family comes a-callin,' either leave it alone or make loud noises from a distance until it gets the hint. For do's and don'ts when it comes to bears or to report a sighting, click on this website.

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