Sure that's the "traditional" way. But on July 18 you'll find SO MUCH MORE at i95's Bacon & Brew Fest. And while we're at it - let's enjoy some HOT Jennifer Love Hewitt! 

I like mine "extra" crispy out of the "frying pan". And since my sister-in-laws family raises pigs I get mine "fresh off the farm". And because of the family farm I've had the pleasure of having all different types and cuts of bacon! I love to cook and experiment with tastes and flavors.

So I'm totally psyched for i95's  BACON and BREW FEST on July 18th on the City Center Danbury Green. Honestly - they had me at "chocolate covered bacon" because I'll admit to never having tried that ! I wonder if they'll make mine "Dark and Crispy"?

You can join us in all things Bacon and Brews and get your tickets in advance at BACON & BREW FEST.

And how can I talk about "frying it up in the pan" with out a nod to the classic "I'm a W.O.M.A.N." covered by the oh so HOT Jennifer Love Hewitt!



You're welcome! It was good for me too!

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