Well duh...of course it has. Hence the reason for the Bacon and Brew Fest! Here's why.

Bacon, called petaso back then, dates back to the Roman Empire.The bacon we have come to love and adore has a tradition of being cheap, available, easy to cook, consistently appealing to the taste buds, and having a place in almost all cultures.

According to an article in TIME magazine bacon has infiltrated every aspect of foodie and consumer culture. Flavor combos like bacon infused cupcakes, chocolates, and fast food milkshakes are now commonplace. Americans love bacon so much we eat almost 18 pounds of it a year.

There are, to name just a few, Bacon Summer Camps, Bacon Film Festivals, Bacon Lip Balms ( I have ONE! ), Bacon Air Fresheners, Bacon Lube, Bacon Deodorant, and of course BACON FESTIVALS.

Top Chefs say Bacon will never go out of fashion because it's just too damn tasty! And that's EXACTLY why i95 is throwing our inaugural BACON & BREW FEST. Personally I can't wait to taste all the various ways the vendors are going to serve it up!  For info about the BACON & BREW FEST and to buy tickets in advance just click BACON & BREW FEST.


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