's all "hearts and flowers", until somebody gets hurt. Then all hell breaks lose.

I shared this story with you a few days ago during the morning news. It was pretty hard to believe an Aunt suing her 12 year old nephew but of course by now we all know that's exactly what Jennifer Connell did. When the story first broke it even was trending on Twitter with  #hashtag  #WorstAuntEver and #AuntFromHell

Hey now - that's some kinda ugly!

After all of this dust-up, and her loss in the Connecticut courts, Connell and her nephew went on the NBC "TODAY" Show to "set the record straight.

If you didn't watch you can click on NBC "TODAY" SHOW to see for yourself if you think she makes a compelling argument for why she did it. I will say that while I'm on the fence, her nephew sure does show the love. What do you think?

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