This video rocks if you are a Mets fan.  I cannot believe the Mets are this good.  Nine and a half game lead over the Nationals in the NL East with under 18 games to go? WHAT?

If you love the Mets ... get yourself some chills here.

I am not a Mets fan, but I am a fan of success and this is crazy success on an enormously successful level based in hard work and talent resulting in success.

The Met fan has waited a long time. I don't want to jinx you losers, but man I think this is your year.  Pitching on top of pitching, youth mixed with veterans, more pitching, a hungry home crowd, a decent manager, oh and pitching.

Go get em' Amazins'!  This is your year.

If the Yankees manage to stumble to a World Series to face the Mets I may kill myself because if I had to be honest I would tell you that the Bombers could not carry the Yankees Jock straps this year and would get swept.

I cannot deal with the idea of the Yankees losing a World Series to the Mets, but since they have never let's enjoy some history.