According to the Daily Mail, new research conducted by California Polytechnic University, mothers who get distracted by cell phones and other technology may be overfeeding their babies, and at the same time, lack bonding with their new baby.The study claims that when moms have one eye on their cell phone and the other on the TV. they may be missing important cues from their baby that it's full and could result in "mindless feeding." Lack of eye contact could also interfere with the bonding process between mother and child.

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Researchers say that "mindless eating" sets the precedent in a child's mind that eating while being distracted is OK. The study also states that the bonding experience between the mother and child, especially during feeding, is of utmost importance.

Senior study author, Dr. Alison Ventura, who worked on the project, said that, "It was very tempting to binge watch Netflix, catch up on emails, surf the net on my iphone during the hours I spent feeding my kids." She also added, "It took a lot of restraint to turn it all off and put it all away."

Credit - Fiona Goodall

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