I hate apple picking. It's one of those ideas that women come up with that eats up your whole day and really sucks. 

There I am wearing a Lands End fleece and walking up and down a farm looking for something I already can find very easily at ... a GROCERY STORE!

The apple picking is without a doubt a female idea that sucks because the ladies are loaded with bad and boring activities in their dome piece or brain from people not from the streets.

The apple picking deal is not for me.

The pumpkin trail, the farm in the fall the whole thing is a woman's concept that evolved from centuries of bad ideas and it has finally reached it's peak of stupidity and wastefulness.

I know where to get apples..the grocery store.  So, if you want apples I will take you there and we can get them.  If you wanna take a stroll outside with the kids we can do that.  But under no circumstances am I going apple picking!

Also ... I am going apple picking.  My wife told me I had to.

Look at these nipple heads