A video that popped up in my Facebook feed made me nase my coffee this morning. A pint-sized "Ace Frehley" takes over and saves a school talent show after "Paul Stanley" has an epic onstage meltdown.

This band of kids gets onstage to do "Rock & Roll All Nite" but technical difficulties stop the song about halfway through.  After a couple of attempted restarts, the kid doing Paul Stanley's part gets frustrated and stands stock-still while the song finally plays. A woman, whom I can only assume is "Paul's" mom, tries in vain to get him back into the act to no avail. Luckily, it's "Ace" to the rescue, who not only takes over on lead vocals, but motivates the crowd with some fist pumps, and, finally, unleashes an epic air guitar solo for the ages.

I always thought Ace was the coolest guy in KISS anyway. Here's me as Ace with the rest of my roommates all dressed as KISS for a Halloween mixer back in college. The funny thing about that night was that I was on the air at midnight, and the judging for the costume contest ran late. I didn't have time to take the makeup off, so I had to drive all the way from Poughkeepsie to Danbury in full Ace Frehley makeup. You should have seen the double takes I got at all the traffic lights down Route 9!


Tim Sheehan

But, I digress. Enjoy the video and I hope you get as big of a kick out of it as I did. Rock on, "Ace!"