I admit, I'm quite obnoxious when it comes to snapping photos of Candlewood Lake.

My wife, Mindy, frequently asks me, "How many more Candlewood Lake sunset photos can you possibly take?" My answer is that it gives me a sense of inner peace. I guess you could say it's my "yoga."

Candlewood Lake Sunset - Fall of 2016 - Credit Ethan Carey

Every year around this time, the draw down of the lake begins. According to the Candlewood Lake Authority website, the FirstLight Hydro Generating Company, who is the owner of the Rocky River hydroelectric station, will begin its deep drawdown on November 1. The reason for the drawdown is to expose those pesky invasive water plants known as Eurasian water milfoil -- sometimes better known as seaweed -- which is the crap that gets tangled up in your boat prop. When the air freezes over the winter, the milfoil dies, which ultimately reduces the spread of the plant during the boating season.

Candlewood Lake, Fall of 2015 - Credit Ethan Carey

Normal water level will return to normal levels by the 2017 Trout fishing season which kicks off on April 8.

Squantz Pond - October 2016 - Credit Ethan Carey
Candlewood Isle - October 20th 2016 - Ethan Carey Photo

Please help support Candlewood Lake by volunteering for the John Marsicano Candlewood Lake Clean-Up in May of 2017. Honestly, after being on the lake for over 30 years, I'm embarrassed to say Mindy and I have never supported this important CL event, but that will change in 2017. Look for a registration form at candlewoodlakeauthority.org early in 2017 and we'll see you out there!

Candlewood Lake Just After Sunset on October 19th 2016 - Ethan Carey Photos
Mindy and Ethan Saying Goodbye to the 2016 Boating Season - Ethan Carey Photo


Bonus Drone Foliage Footage: