What I take from Easter week is that a mother had to watch her son be tortured, and take on all the sins of the world. That's a terrible burden to take on knowing that it's what was best. I grew up around women. A lot of them. I feel like they should be honored during Easter week. 

Here's a link to a beautiful poem for the moms in my life:

"God's Masterpiece Is Mother" by Herbert Farnham


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These are just some of the many moms in my family. I wanted to thank them for all they do. Gemma, get out of there. Katy, you're up next. Lauren, do your thing, man. You are too pretty for babies right now. Carol, you tell me, I'm scared of you, my wife, her mother...Pretty much any Spanish woman.

lou's phone

Mom, you win. Happy Easter. I love you. We all do.