Yahoo business reports that a couple of innovators from the West Coast have come up with cannabis infused K-Cups.

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Uncle Ike's Pot Shop in Seattle Washington carries a pod called Catapult, which retails for $10 each or $37 for a box of six. Each coffee pod contains 10mg of THC.

The manager of Uncle Ike's, Jennifer Lanzador, told the Huffington Post that drinking the weed/coffee combo, "seems to give a kick because of the caffeine, but it isn't a jittery feeling because of the THC."

She went on to say, "You do get a nice energetic high."

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Recreational weed has only been legal in Washington for a year. Lanzador also said that, "We will never have cannabis filled gummy bears or lollipops because of their appeal to children, but soda, nuts, chocolates, cookies and pretzels are being sold and/or being developed. It's a very exciting time for this industry and providing safe ways to ingest THC is a great alternative to smoking."