KUSA TV in Denver recently reported that 9 year old Kamryn Renfro of Grand Junction decided to shave her head to support her friend, Delaney Clements who was undergoing chemo for cancer. When Kamryn arrived at school the next morning, she was sent home because she was in violation of the school's dress code.The school in question is the charter school, Caprock Academy where the Chairman of the Board said that the dress code is designed to promote uniformity and a non-distracting environment. She also said that exceptions can be made under extraordinary circumstances. Is this considered an extraordinary circumstance?

Ethan and Lou

On the "Ethan and Lou Show" this morning there was some discussion and disagreements regarding how the school handled the situation. I've attached a couple of mp3 files from this morning's show. We're bringing this controversy back on Wednesday's show with a call to the Principal at Caprock Academy.