With CT On Tap coming up on Saturday, September 24, I thought you might enjoy hearing about some of the most weird-ass beers ever brewed.

From an article at mentalfloss.com comes the weirdest of the weirdest beers ever brewed. Scroll down to read about 'the most potent beer, the oldest beer, beer sold in dead animals, beer pre-digested by elephants, and the most 'child friendly beer.' That's correct, 'child friendly!'

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    Snake Venom

    Brought to you by Brewmeister Brewey, meet the World's most potent brew, Snake Venom, weighing in at 67.5% alcohol or 135 proof. Could this be like grain alcohol in a bottle?!

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    The End of History

    Brewed by Brewdog, you most likely won't be wrapping your lips around a bottle of this 50% ABV beer. The End of History's packaging is the most impressive component of this beer, because it is the taxidermied body of either a squirrel or weasel! It was a specialty brewed blond ale, and only 12 bottles were made. I think they ran out of stuffed animals.

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    Old-Ass Beer from the 1800s

    Back in 2011, five bottles of beer were discovered in a shipwreck. The shipwreck was said to be from the early 1800s, so they brought in four professional taste testers to give it a swish. Their taste results ended up being mind blowing. After they finished tasting the 200 year old beer, they revealed the beer tasted "old." Really?! And what does "old" taste like, ass-face? Stallhagen Brewery is attempting to recreate the taste of this 200 year old brew. Would could possibly go wrong?

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    Un, Kono Kuro

    Part of this beer is made from coffee beans which are usually digested by civets, which is a specific Indonesian cat like animal. For this particular beer, however, the coffee beans are digested by elephants. Once the elephants poop out the coffee beans, coffee is produced, and that coffee goes into Sankt Gallen's Un, Kono Kuro. Unfortunately, this beer sold out within minutes and will not be brewed again due to the shortage of volunteers who really don't want to sort through elephant dung.

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    'Hello Kitty' Fruit Flavors

    Hello Kitty has been whipping up some fruit flavored beers aimed at the children. They come in sweetened fruit flavors with cute, little mascots on the can. But don't worry moms and dads, the alcohol content is only half of what's inside a can of Budweiser. By the way, this is NOT available in North America. I could have used this stuff when my kids wouldn't go to bed when they were young. A six pack of kiddie beer, and my 4-year-old would have been snoring like a sailor.