A guy in Chicago chained himself to the door of a highway rest stop on Friday, to stop it from being torn down . . . because he was CONCEIVED there after a Phil Collins concert almost 22 years ago.  

His name is Kevin Walters.  He said it was a Phil Collins concert, but it was actually Genesis, back in June of 1992.  He says his parents just randomly told him the story one day, because it came up in conversation.  His protest didn't stop it from being torn down.  The rest stop is built over the road, like a bridge, and they have to tear it down so they can add more lanes.  They plan to build a new rest stop in the same spot.

So the question is, what would be the most embarrassing concert to be conceived at?

My top 5 are:

5) Kajagoogoo

4) Wham

3) Kanye West

2) Insane Clown Posse