Warm water is chasing lobsters out of Long Island Sound.

This is a tragedy ladies and gentlemen. The Southern New England lobster population has plummeted to the lowest numbers ever recorded.

According to a post from the Associated Press via FOXCT.COM, the warm Long Island Sound water has become inhospitable to our favorite crustacean. The lobsters have been leaving the Sound in droves for years, moving up to the motherland - the cooler, cleaner waters of the Gulf of Maine.

The dwindling lobster population is driving local CT, NY and Rhode Island lobstermen out of business.

Anyone have a world-sized ocean coolers in operation?

Aww Connecticut, you drive the humans off the land by overtaxing us and taking away our disposable income to the point where we can't afford lobster in the first place, and now you're driving the poor lobsters away to Maine by being too damn warm.

I'm heading North to Vacationland, less tax, and more lobster. Watch out Kittery, I'm coming soon ...

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