I spoke with Melissa, the marketing director for Danbury Fair, and she gave me the info on a couple of the latest stores opening up soon...

T Mobil has opened up a retail store, and I'm sure Mrs. Large will be beating me up about switching over to their service again. She was a customer before we made the leap to AT&T, and has missed T-Mobil terribly. Melissa describes it as a beautiful new layout and store. I'm sure it will be very easy to relax in luxury as you shell out a few hundred for the latest Android device.

Also, a store that I wrote about a couple of months ago is ready to open it's doors to the public on August 28th-- Anthropologie, which features women's clothing, home accessories and decor, and lifestyle products. I looked through their website, and found that there were not many products that I would look good wearing. But their home decor section was very nice.

And, finally, a new women's fitness/sportswear store is opening up on August 28th also - Six02. Again, they don't carry XXXXXXL menswear, so my choices there are limited to maybe a water bottle, which, I would fill with coca cola and beef jerky.

And that's the way it is in the wonderful world of Danbury Fair for this mid-August afternoon, get those debit cards ready for tax-free week!

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