What the hell is a Bozrah? Do you seriously live next to Lisbon? I'll bet they have great steaks in Salisbury. Huh...huh...huh...

We have some weird town names here in Connecticut. Bozrah? When you Google the name Bozrah, lots of links to the Old Testament come up. Bozrah was a small town in what is now modern day Jordan. Bozrah, CT is a small town just Northwest of the Mohegan Sun Casino. They are both near the promised lands.

Looking through the list of Connecticut cities and towns, a couple more hit my funny bone. Deep River, whenever I see Deep River, CT mentioned, I think of this scene in National Lampoon's Vacation and Chevy Chase:

Glastonbury - When I hear the name Glastonbury, I picture the digestive tract for some reason. "Wow, you should see the Glastonbury that they removed from Jerry's Pancreas, it was HUUUUUUGE!"

Pomfret - I went to school with a kid that had family in Pomfret, I used to giggle when he talked about his cousins, I pictured knights in shining armor and damsels in distress. The name Pomfret sounded so stuffy and medieval. "Oh, we shall go to Pomfret Square, and feast upon lamb and Blood pudding! Cheerio!"

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Cornwall - If you visit, they will sell you corn. Is it in the form of a wall?

And, finally, Norfolk. Purely for the way that most people say the name of your town, which transforms FOLK into my favorite expletive.