I would like to publicly thank Boston Globe columnist, Dan Shaughnessy for single handedly raising awareness of women's college hoops. 

Fighting for a spot into the Sweet 16, the UCONN Women Huskies slapped around No. 5 seed, Mississippi State by winning 98 to 38. Boston Globe columnist, Dan Shaughnessy tweeted that "Dominance like that is bad for women's basketball." Yes, the UCONN women are the very best at what they do with a record of 119 wins and only 1 loss, and aren't apologizing for it!

Hey Dan, would you feel the same way if the Red Sox were that dominating?! Don't give me that crap about how womens' sports aren't relevant. It's athletic competition at its highest level. Because men playing professional or college sports are bigger and stronger, and are loaded up with testosterone and steroids, that makes them more credible than women playing professional and college sports? What are you, in 7th grade?

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Mr. Shaughnessy did more good for women's college basketball with his ignorant tweet than any marketing campaign could ever accomplish. If other women's college basketball coaches feel the same as Shaughnessy, then get yourself a better team or a better coach.

Personally, I don't care if Shaughnessy isn't interested in watching a women's college basketball team because there's not enough competition. Here's an idea, pass a note to Geno, and suggest that his players purposely miss some 3-pointers, or throw the ball out of bounds "accidentally." Now, we've got a game that's exciting to watch. You're not punishing the Lady Huskies for being great, you've just elevated them to superstar status there, Red Sox Boy. Thanks Dan!

The Lady Huskies play Oregon State on Sunday, April 3 in Indianapolis. Game time is 6pm on ESPN.

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