I love Greek food. It's kind of tough to find great Greek food in our area at times, but not this week. I recently called Southbury's Mad Greek Pizzeria to order some food to go. The phone just rang, and nobody picked up. I was nervous. On the way home, I passed the restaurant, and it was dark, with nobody inside. I was scared. Turns out, they were only renovating one of my local favorites. Whew!

Photo by Large "Tzatziki" Dave

I stopped by on my way into work this morning, and snapped these photos. It looks like they've opened up the interior of Mad Greek, taking away a lot of the bench seating inside and replacing them with tables and chairs. It seems a lot cleaner and open from the outside. Congratulations Mad Greek, keep up the good work.

Photo by Large "Spanakopita please" Dave

It's also time for the annual Greek Festival at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Waterbury. It takes place place every Mother's Day Weekend. The big, white tent is always filled with great smells, tomato plants, and lots of hungry folks chowing down on Greek cuisine. I'll be making my first trip tonight, and I'll try to stop by every day this weekend. Call me Extra-Large Dave starting Monday.