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Heart, Billy Joel, Van Halen Are All in the Déjà Vu Diner
Get in your Classic Rock requests, played every day between noon and 1:00 PM at the Déjà Vu Diner. Each day of the week, I select an Artist Du Jour and you get to select the song!
Here are the Artists Du Jour for this week:
Monday, June 18: Paul McCartney & Wings
Tuesday, June 19: Heart
Wednesday, J…
CT Woman Involved In Murder Of Maryann Measles Denied Parole
Sadly a horrific tale of brutality, and a savage revenge killing was unfolding in New Milford Connecticut back in 1997. I can't imagine many people living in the state at the time didn't know of the tragic tale of the life and death of young Maryann Measles. Here's the latest news.
Stamford Cancels Fourth Of July Fireworks And More
Budget woes in Connecticut are once again rearing it's ugly head to take a bite out of numerous things. This time, the city of Stamford, or more aptly, it's residents, will get the short end of the stick.