Friday is National Donut Day, and you know what that means. There will be a number of places right in your area where you can get a Donut for nothing.

Every year, the first Friday in June is celebrated as National Donut Day. According to, the holiday came about as a way to boost funds for the Salvation Army during the Great Depression. At the time, the Salvation Army also provided donuts and coffee to our soldiers during World War I. Go 'Murica!

Today, getting your free Donut is as easy as stopping into any Dunkin' Donuts location in your area, purchase a beverage, and get your Donut.

You can also get a free Donut at all Cumberland Farms stores. The gas station and convenience store chain is giving free donuts to customers who buy a coffee or “Chill Zone” beverage between 5-10 AM.

If you happen to be at Mohegan Sun, there is nothing better than a free, glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut.

Finally, Stew Leonard’s is celebrating from 8 AM until noon by giving out a free freshly-made apple cider donut to all of their customers.

So, get ready. The wait is over. Take your celebration to the streets, and get your Free Donut on Friday, June 3 at participating locations.