Once upon a time, I took my mother out for Mother’s Day Brunch. Our morning conversation consisted of whether we were going with a refreshing Mimosa or a delicious Bellini. We sat down at 11 AM, rattled off our drink orders and had our dreams crushed.

Alcohol couldn’t be served until noon.


The State Liquor Authority, which was created in 1934 — the year after Prohibition ended –has the right to shut down any establishment that breaks the law by serving alcoholic beverages before 12 PM. If you’re a frequent “Bruncher”, you know that some restaurants take their chances, and will serve you during your boozy brunch.

Well, that is all about to change. Luckily for us, and both big and small restaurant owners, Gov. Andrew Cuomo was the main political supporter of the “Brunch Bill” that will allow New York restaurants to serve alcohol at 10 AM. According to theAssociated Press, Cuomo stated that New York is home to “some of the best beer, wine, cider and distilled spirits in the world” and that the Brunch Bill will “knock down artificial barriers for restaurants and small businesses and help this industry grow even stronger.”

Melissa Fleischut, President of the Restaurant Association, had been pushing for an 8 AM serving time on Sundays, but says that the association is grateful for the 10 AM outcome.

The Brunch Bill will go into effect 60 days after Gov. Cuomo signs, which is expected to happen soon.

What are some of your favorite brunch spots in the Area?