Is it hot enough for you? Evidently this year the answer was a resounding hell yes! But how hot, is hot?

To know me is to know I love the heat. Honestly the hotter the better. I can always find some air conditioning or a pool. But even I was thinking that August of 2016 went a little over board. Seems NASA agrees.

There's never been an August like this past August. Add to that, July was also unlike all others.

report released by NASA on September 12 says last month was the hottest August since record-keeping started. Considering the fact that record keeping dates back to the 1880s, if you felt like the earth was melting this summer, I guess you weren't exaggerating over the top. Researchers with NASA say it also was the 11th consecutive month that the average temperature record was broken.

Turns out we were sweating our collective asses off all around the world. The report says the average global temperature for August tied July for the warmest month ever recorded.

So yes, it was even almost to hot for me.

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