It's OUR day today. Worship us! 

Wednesday January 20, 2016. You may know it as "Today", but the fine folks here at WRKI in Brookfield, CT are soaking in the love, because it's also National Disc Jockey Day here in the good ol' USA. Yes, even us, the poor souls who give you hours of Led Zeppelin, Dio, and Doobie Brothers songs, get a day of recognition!

We've earned this day. Disc Jockeys have given you thousands of free concert tickets, movie tickets, and restaurant gift certificates. We've put in countless hours in the production booth, making sure that the Cookhouse commercial sounds 'just right'. We've listened intently as you tell us why we should play "Ride the Lightning" instead of "Enter Sandman". We have to break the horrible news that you are actually caller number 10, and not winning number 9.

For me, this marks 25 years as a DJ. And I love it. Music has such a powerful hold over most of us. You could be having the worst day, and then your favorite jam comes on, and you forget about your troubles, for a moment. Or, you're in a great mood, and your favorite tune comes on, and all of a sudden, it's the best night ever.

So, if you see Ethan Carey, Lou Milano, Pam Brooks, Tim Sheehan, John Perry, Eric Senich, Chuck Johnson, Jeff Zephyr, or huge old me out tonight, buy us a beer, or say, thanks for what you do buddy! Everything we do, we do it for youuuuu.

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