I woke up to a nice surprise this morning. Another flat tire on my car. Wonderful...

I've been driving between Waterbury and Brookfield via I-84 for about 8 years now. In the past month, the DOT has milled the road between exit 16 and exit 18. If you're going Eastbound on I-84, the big hill from Middlebury into Waterbury approaching exits 17 & 18 has been horrible.

The road has been basically stripped down to the bare concrete, and it's got those wavy, chunky strips of asphalt in the travel portion.

I noticed this past Saturday on my way home from America on Tap that it felt a little funkier as I was driving through that stretch. People, please observe the posted speed limit through there. Tires are tough, but that is pretty hazardous concrete that you're pushing people to drive 70-80 mph through!

So, I woke up to a flat on a Monday morning. I kind of want to submit a receipt for the damage to the State of Connecticut, but I know that's very unlikely to happen. Just a head's up, if you're on I-84 in that area, get ready to slow down and feel the vibrations.

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