How many times have you spent at least a half hour trying to pick out a movie to watch on Netflix?According to, there's a strategy to finding a good movie on Netflix in a matter of minutes. The first thing you wanna do is go to which will give you a listing of every movie on Netflix including descriptions and ratings.

May I also recommend which gives you a veritable buffet of different criteria to help you pick just the right movie. Had I been aware of these search features last weekend, maybe I could have avoided watching the Danish movie with sub-titles!

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At this point Thrillist goes into much more detailed minutia about how to select the best movies, but unless you're sitting home all day and doing nothing but watching Netflix, their methods are a bit over the top.

Personally I've gotten into binge watching TV shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime, but it's not really 'binge watching.' I say that because my binge watching is a bit different. I have 6 different shows I'm watching depending on my mood and they are, 'Law & Order SVU.' 'The Goodwife,' 'The Unit,' 'West Wing,' 'Longmeyer,' and 'House of Cards,' and the 'X Files' which I never watched the first time around. I currently finished the first 5 seasons of 'Blue Bloods.'

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So tell me, what shows are your favorites to binge watch on your streaming device?

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