If I was a betting lady, I'd say we are never parking our butts in the Yard Goats stadium in Hartford.

Ever since my New Britain Rock Cats got the shaft and the Hartford Yard Goats got their name I've been blogging about the move to what would eventually be the teams home ball park in Hartford. I've written at least 10 times since April of 2015 about the ins and outs and ups and downs of this ongoing saga.

The most recent one on Sept. 16 was titled Architects Find Plenty Wrong With a Connecticut Stadium.

Looks like before there is even a glimmer of hope of ever watching the Yard Goats play a home game, more money must be spent to bring Dunkin' Donuts stadium to life.

According to courant.com the price tag is going up. Way up. Three - million - dollars worth. Why you ask?  Eminent domain is the quick answer.

Hartford took three parcels of land to use for the eventual stadium back in November 2014  and paid 1.98 million dollars based on appraisals paid for by the city. The story in the Hartford Courant says the owner of the properties taken appealed the price paid, believing it was too low and they went to court.  After a trial, a judge ruled that the companies that appraised the property for the city didn't take into account the fact that the ballpark was being built and made a ruling to the tune of an extra 3 - million bucks that must be paid out.

Hartford officials said they believe there's sufficient evidence to appeal this judge's decision.

Like I've said all along, the guys that just want to play baseball and the fans that just want to watch are the total losers in this deal.