Television series reality tours are nothing new to our area. We've had the Seinfeld, Sex and the City, and Friends tours in NYC, the Cheers tours in Boston, but what about the television series that put Connecticut squarely into the public eye -- Gilmore Girls? You can't make it through one episode without a Branford/Woodbridge/Hartford/Yale reference.

According to a post by the Connecticut Post, Washington Depot, Connecticut will be transformed into Stars Hollow October 21-23 by a group of organizing fans. Gilmore Girls Fan Fest will take place in one of the towns that actually inspired Gilmore creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, over a three day weekend.

The festival organizers have lined up a full slate of Gilmore-related activities and events, including appearances by quite a few of the actors that brought the series to life. As of today, the actors that portrayed April (My wife just groaned), Caesar, Emily, Jackson, Lulu, Michel, Morey, and Tom have committed to being there.

That's very cool, but all of us want to see one man -- Sean "Kirk" Gunn.

Credit-Getty Images

I can tell you from experience, if you go to Washington Depot any other day, you'll find a beautiful small town, with a couple of shops. You'll most likely snap a pic in front of the Mayflower Inn, wonder if Milo Ventimiglia has ever been inside Washington Food Market, and move along.

This is a great idea that someone had the guts to try and pull off. The festival organizers have partnered with the town and have reached out to the right people to do it big. Bravo Marcus and Jennie Whitaker!

Tickets for the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest just sold out as I was writing this article. Wow. Washington Depot is going to be rocking and smelling like coffee in October. Who'd have thought that there actually might be arrests for ticket scalping in Washington Depot!

I hope that the town will pitch in even more now in order to keep up with the demand for a larger event, and make more tickets available. That is, after they vote down Taylor's horrible idea to open up an Olde Fashioned Soda Shoppe next to Luke's Diner.