Things you need to know on September 17.

Thanks to MetroNews Source for the following.

  • Joe Ganim declared victory over Bridgeport's current Mayor Bill Finch last night in the city's Democratic primary. Voters overlooked Ganim's 2003 conviction for corruption while mayor, which was followed by more than seven years in federal prison.
  • Metro North is confirming that they will not have positive train control installed on their commuter trains by the end of the year. Positive Train Control automatically slows or stops a train before a crash can occur. Senator Blumenthal says he's disappointed that the railroad will not have this potentially life saving technology in place by the deadline that was set years ago.
  • Road trip baby! The world's largest Hooters restaurant opened  this week at The Palms in Las Vegas. The new 15,000 square-foot facility features a two-story dining area that can seat more than 500 guests. You'll also be able to watch your favorite sports events on nearly 50 TV screens and try your luck on a dozen video poker machines.
  • Score one for the Pope. Pope Francis now has his own rookie baseball card. The Philadelphia Phillies gave the cards out at last night's game. The collectible features Francis' picture and "stats." The Phillies say they decided to go with the rookie card because the Pope has never played pro ball.

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