Things you need to know on January 15.

Thanks to MetroNews Source for the following.

  • James Pickerstein, Connecticut's former top prosecutor, admits that he stole over 600-thousand-dollars from former Danbury trash king James Galante, who he used to represent. The money was supposed to be returned to Galante under his arrangement with federal authorities, but Pickerstein admits that he withdrew the money for his own use.


  • If you stayed in a Hyatt hotel in the last six months, you may want to check your bank statement. Malicious software was found in 250 Hyatt locations worldwide. Unauthorized access to payment cards was apparently happening from August all the way up until last month.


  • CVS stores in New York will soon start selling a heroin antidote without a prescription. State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker announced the agreement yesterday. It involves nearly five hundred CVS pharmacies across New York state.


  • Look Ma - no hands! The government is planning to spend billions of dollars developing the technology to make self-driving cars more accessible to the public.The ten-year government program is estimated to cost four-billion dollars.

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