The suburbs are quickly becoming the new destination for foodies around Connecticut.

This week, the new Naugatuck gastropub favorite 66 Church announced via their Facebook page that they're expanding by opening a sister location in Southington at 75 Center Street by mid-November.

I'm very impressed with the menu at 66 Church, they offer up standard menu items like wings, potato skins, nachos, burgers, and salads. Where they differ is the the toppings, ingredients and sauces. Frizzled onions, arugula, Jamaican Jerk, scallions, panko, and feta cheese all catch my attention, and open my wallet.

We tried the Jamison BBQ, and the original Buffalo wings at 66 Church recently, both were outstanding. I also tried the Church Street Burger, and Mrs. Large inhaled a Thai Lettuce Wrap. Again, both were delicious.

Southington has quite a few great places to eat, we really enjoyed a meal at one of 75 Center's future neighbor Anthony Jacks Wood Fired Grill. Down the road a bit on Queen Street, numerous fast-casual and national restaurants dot the landscape.

And, let me write this, Naugatuck has come leaps and bounds recently with culinary destinations and culture. My hometown of Waterbury better pay attention!