Harpoon Brewery made beer with filtered water from the Charles River in Boston

I've been to Boston, I've seen the Charles. I'm not crazy. I wouldn't drink a beer made from water from the Naugatuck River, let alone the Charles. But, as you can see if you're an older-timer like me, there have been vast environmental improvements in the land which we call home. In a story posted on NBCConnecticut.com , the environmental clean--up efforts have paid off in New England's largest city. So much so, that Harpoon Brewery has brewed up a batch of beer made with 400 gallons of the famous "Dirty Water" of the Charles.

It's a very limited batch, 18-20 kegs, and they've filtered the hell out of the it. The Charles River Pale Ale will be available exclusively at Harpoon Brewery Boston Beer Hall in late October. I'm sure Tim Sheehan is already booking a room at Copley Square in anticipation. But, if you don't have the patience of a saint like Mr. Sheehan does, you can sample some delicious Harpoon Brewery beers soon, we're bringing some Harpoon kegs to our America on Tap CT event on Saturday September 12 at Ives Concert Park in Danbury!

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