The best food that has come out of Naugatuck recently is Nardelli's grinders, and the nachos at 7-11. I went to a Mexican restaurant in downtown last year, and was less than impressed. The culinary choices in Naugy have been stank, to say the least, for many years.

Well ... there's a new restaurant in town, it opened in May. It's called 66 Church, named after the street address. I went to eat there this past Friday evening around 6PM, and, I was very impressed! The decor is wood, lots and lots of wood. The tables are butcher blocks.

It's very well staffed, and the food offerings were limited, but spot on.

Photo by Large "Davey want wingy" Dave

I started off with wings, I ordered the Frank's Red Hot wings, and Mrs. Large ordered the Loaded Sweet Potato Skins. By mistake, or, divine Intervention, I received the Jameson BBQ wings instead.

My waitress quickly saw that there was a mix-up on my wing order, but instead of whisking these beauties pictured above away, she left them for us to graze on while my hot wings were being made. Very nice, thank you!

And man, they're good wings, a little heavy on the sauce, but perfectly cooked and crispy.

Photo by Large "Fat potato" Dave

The photo above is the Sweet Potato Skins, which were excellent. The dipping sauce is Cayenne Maple Butter ... insanely delicious.

The 66 Church menu is dotted with unique items: Mexican Street Corn, a big Bavarian Pretzel, a "Monstah Lobstah Roll", Chorizo al Pastor, and Chicken and Waffle Sliders. Portions are price appropriate, the waitstaff is attentive and active, and the atmosphere was inviting and lively. I will absolutely go back to this restaurant. Go check it out.

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