That's not a valid reason to call 911 folks

As I was reading NBCCONNECTICUT.COM , I came across a problem that I had once. Right before I became Large Dave, the radio guy, I was Dave, a dispatcher for the Watertown, Connecticut Police and Fire Departments for a Summer. I can't repeat most of the stories out of respect, but I did have a couple of incidents like the one I'm about to tell you about.

According to NBCCONNECTICUT, a 43 year old Middletown woman was arrested after calling 911 to report that she couldn't find her lost cellphone. When police arrrived, she tried to play it off by saying "No problem, I found it". She appeared to be heavily intoxicated, to which I would add---Duh. This was not the first time that Middletown Police have encountered Michelle Davis. She has called 911 SEVENTY SIX times since March for non-emergency issues. Seems as though she should lay off the substances and not ask for help so much.