If you're from the Danbury area then you, like us, are a little OBSESSED with Candlewood Lake.

Once upon a time the Rock River Valley was a farming area when Connecticut Light and Power decided to create a man-made lake to produce electric power in 1926, according to the Candlewood Lake Authority's website.

The lake was filled in 1928, and since then the population has grown around it along with a thriving recreational industry.

Candlewood Lake has a very special place in many of our hearts, so we created a guide to our favorite lake just for you:

Here's a drone's eye view of the lake:

Going out on the lake? Click here for the CTWeather.com's beach and boat report.

(Sources from the Candlewood Lake Power Squadron and the Candlewood Lake Authority were used to put together this map) 






  • 1

    Down the Hatch

    A causal, fun and friendly waterfront restaurant and bar. Boat access and outdoor seating are great in the warmer months.

  • 2

    Candlewood Inn

    A beautiful lake-front catering hall located in Brookfield, home to many weddings and events.  Weddings can often be seen from the lake on the terrace, and the view from the terrace is equally wonderful. Find out more about this venue at thecandlewoodinn.com

  • 3

    Chicken Rock

    A great place to take the boat, it has a rope swing and cliffs to climb up and jump off.  You're chicken if you don't!

    This spot is only accessible by boat  and is in the New Fairfield area of the lake.

  • 4

    The Island House

    The island house is located on the New Fairfield side of the lake.  The home is accessible only by boat and has been on and off the market for the past few years, eventually falling into disrepair.

  • 5

    Knollcrest Windmill

    Originally intended to be a source of power for the community, the windmill (after not working) is now an iconic Candlewood Landmark that can be seen from the lake.

  • 6

    Echo Bay Marina

    A marina where you can dock or rent as well as purchase boating gear. It also serves as one of the lake's few gas docks. For more info visit: echobaymarina.com

  • 7

    Candlewood East Marina

    One of the lake's marinas. Candlewood East sells used and new boats, as well as provides docking space. They also make awesome YouTube videos. Check out their website at candlewoodeast.com

  • 8

    Brookfield Bay Marina and Yacht Club

    Marina and yacht club: members enjoy beach front picnic areas as well as various programs available for enjoyment. The marina also serves as a gas dock and docking space. For more information visit: brookfieldbaymarina.com.

  • 9

    Gerard's Marina

    Located up-lake from the other marinas, Gerard's doubles as a marina and docking site.  They also build and store custom docks, as well as sell and rent boats. Here's their website: gerardswatersedge.com

  • 10

    Chatterton Marina

    One of the Lake's only - and oldest- gas docks.  They also provide dock space, as well as boat servicing.

  • 11

    Pocono Point Marina

    Another of Candlewood's Marinas. Pocono Point offers boat slips, as well as a store to supply all your boating needs.

  • 12

    Party Barge

    You can catch the i95 Party Barge From Echo Bay Marina on the lake over weekends in the summer, offering boaters some i95 swag. Make sure to look for them out on the lake to win big prizes.

  • 13

    Lakeside Water Sports

    A way to get out and have fun in the sun, with this company you can wakeboard, waterski, tube, slalom ski, wake skate, wake surf and knee board. Check them out at lakesidewatersports.com.

  • 14

    Bassman Fishing Tour

    Candlewood Lake is ranked 22nd to fish for large and smallmouth bass in the United States, so grab the family and some friends and head on out with the Bassman Fishing Tour at Bassmanfishingtours.com

  • 15

    Candlewood Yacht Club

    A private club dedicated to sailing.  They sponsor various races throughout the year, as well as teach introductory classes and sailing programs for members.

  • 16

    Candlewood Isles

    A private clubhouse home to various summer camps and year-round programs.  Members enjoy lakefront beach access, as well as party space and clubhouse amenities.

  • 17

    Danbury Municipal Airport

    Though not located on the lake itself, Danbury Airport is home to "The Sport of Flying Connecticut," which offers flying lessons throughout the state of Connecticut.  If you're interested in taking scenic sea plane lessons over the lake, this is your place.

  • 18

    Danbury Federal Correction Institute

    The Federal Correctional Institution, Danbury is a low-security United States federal prison for inmates in Danbury.  There is also lake access through docks and a satellite prison picnic area on the lake.

  • 19

    Lakeside Pub

    This local watering hole has a lake view and is right across the street from the lake at 31 Hayestown Rd. in Danbury.

  • 20

    Candlewood Lake Authority

  • 21


    Candlewood Lake is home to many public beaches including:
    • Squantz Pond State Park - 178 Shortwoods Rd New Fairfield, CT
    • Candlewood Town Park - 36 Hayestown Rd Danbury, CT
    • Brookfield Town Beach -  500 Candlewood Lake Rd Brookfield, CT
    • Lynn Deming Park -  134 Candlewood Lake Rd North New Milford, CT
    • Sherman Town Park - Sherman, CT
    • Hollywyle Park - New Fairfield, CT
    • New Fairfield Town Park - New Fairfield Town Park
  • 22


    Candlewood is home to many islands.  On some, such as Pine Island, camp grounds have been created and camping communities formed.

    However, Candlewood Lake Authority has an official "No Camping" regulation.

    Other islands - Sand, Rock, and Deer, are great daily hangout spots accessible by watercraft.

    • Cedar Island
    • Oak Island
    • Rock Island
    • Candlewood Isle
    • Pine Island
    • Sand Island
    • Thistle Island
    • Green Island
    • Deer Island


  • 23

    Points and Other Landmarks

    • Driftwood Point
    • Ta'agan Point
    • Pocono Point
    • Neversink Point
    • Birch Point
    • Candlewood Point
    • Spear Point
    • Chimney Point
    • Arrowhead Point
    • Orchard Point
    • Holiday Point
    • Point Hedden
    • Great Neck
    • Vaughn's Neck
    • Little Neck
    • Main Dam
  • 24

    Coves, Bays, and Harbors

    Ideal for watersports and fishing, Candlewood's list of coves and bays includes:

    • Echo Bay
    • Danbury Bay
    • New Milford Bay
    • The Narrows
    • Shelter Harbor
    • New Fairfield Bay
    • Turtle Bay
    • Squantz Cove
    • Atchinson Cove
    • Allen's Cove
  • 25

    Dive Spots

    Because Candlewood is a man-made lake, small towns, bridges and even cemeteries can be found in these popular dive spots:

    • Main Dam and Channel Entrance
    • Jerusalem Area House Foundations
    • Stone Walls and House Foundations
    • North Dike Area
    • Dikes Point Area
    • Oak Point Area
    • Chimney Point Area
    • Echo Bay Marina
    • Lattin's Cove
    • Candlewood Lake State Boat Ramp

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