If the probable starters for this weekend's Yankees v. Red Sox series end up being the actual starters the match-ups favor the Yankees. Here is the breakdown.

  • Tomorrow night - CC Sabathia v. Eduardo Rodriguez.
  • Saturday night - Sonny Gray v. Chris Sale
  • Sunday afternoon - Luis Severino v. David Price

Right off the top, I can tell you I won't bother watching the game on Saturday. As a Yankee fan I do not wanna see how that match up plays out, I already know. Chris Sale is a Yankee killer and even though Sonny Gray PLAYS for the Yankees HE too is a Yankee killer. The Sox will likely take Saturday night.

The final game of the series will likely go to the Yankees. New York, puts their ace on the mound against David Price who frankly is terrified of the Yankees and would much rather be playing "Fortnite" than pitching in New York.

This makes the opening game of the series the most important and the one with the most questions. Over the last three starts CC Sabathia has the edge in terms of ERA and he gets up for big games so I'll give the edge to N.Y.

All that said, no one can predict baseball. Everything I just wrote could be completely wrong. Price could go out and pitch a no hitter and Sonny Gray could "out duel" Chris Sale and I would not be surprised because "That's baseball, Susan."



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