In the town of Southington, a man walked outside when he heard his dog was barking and then called police as he witnessed a woman who was dressed in black walking along his fence line, according to the police report.

Police say after taking a second look, he realized it was the same woman who was house-sitting next door. So what was she doing sneaking around outside?

He watched her while making sure he couldn't be seen; he claimed he saw her place a small object on a tree stump. Then, walking back into the house, he saw a similar thing sitting on his back steps.

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By the time Southington police arrived, the woman had gone back into the house. When police examined the object, they determined it was a cream-filled piece of chocolate with a weird odor. They decided it was time to call on the neighbor, Susan Sullivan.

At first, she told police she had no idea what they were talking about but then permitted the officers to scope out her backyard, where they found another piece of cream-filled chocolate with a mothball hidden inside.

Sullivan told police she had no intention of harming the dog; she just wanted the dog to shut its yap! Nevertheless, she was arrested for a criminal attempt to commit animal cruelty.

If you should encounter this same problem when a dog doesn't stop barking incessantly in your neighborhood, there's an alternative to killing your neighbor's dog. Watch this video from, and your barking dog problem will go away and you won't be arrested for causing malicious harm or attempted murder to an animal.

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