According to the Orlando Sentinel, 38-year-old Shivon Perez set her ex-boyfriend on fire Easter Sunday. Florida, you say?

Let's set the scene here. Shivon reportedly invites the unidentified man over for Easter dinner. While he is there, she allegedly asks him to fix a leaky pipe, then, while he is distracted working on that, he says she gets a gas can. He says he sees the gas can at some point, asks what it is, she reportedly replies, “It’s gasoline, you son of a bitch, you are going to pay." She then allegedly sprays him with gas, and at some point, ignites the flame without him noticing. He eventually realizes he was on fire, stripped out of his clothes and tried to put the flame out.

The man suffered burns to his neck, chest, face, etc. He was taken to the Orlando Regional Medical Center and is recovering. Perez was arrested and has been charged with arson, kidnapping, and of course, attempted murder.  This all is according to Orlando Police.

Guys, we gotta start paying attention. I think many of us have a false sense of security when it comes to the ladies we have been in relationships with. If they feel they have been done wrong by us, we need to be more careful.

The fact is, many guys think they can physically overpower most women if they needed to defend themselves, but we are not considering all the angles. The ladies we read about in news stories like the one accused in this story are not playing fair. They are going WAY past "evening up the playing field." All the hammer curls and box squats in the world are not going to save you from being SET ABLAZE. Let's get our collective heads on a swivel.

I don't know what this guy did to this lady to make her allegedly want to kill him with fire, but I can tell you that there's no way she came up with this reported punishment for no reason. I hope the guy recovers. IF she did it, I hope the lady gets the book thrown at her. Finally, I hope I never get lit on fire.

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