Hey Oakville residents, did you notice that your car may have been rummaged through over the past month? Watertown Police are certainly interested in any information or video you may have, as they try to identify a man that they suspect may be trespassing in an attempt to enter your vehicles. In a social media post, the Watertown PD states that they are interested in questioning the man you see in these photos that they have released to the public. One particular incident occurred on 8/10/20 at 6:30AM, in the Sunnyside Avenue neighborhood of Oakville. A White/Hispanic male, who they approximate to be 18 years old, with a slim build, wearing a blue t-shirt, black pants, and he had his long, dark hair tied up in a "man bun". The man was a passenger in a Silver or Brown newer model Mazda 4, and he tried to enter a locked vehicle, was unsuccessful at the attempt, and moved on.

After the unsuccessful attempt, the male succeeded in entering several other vehicles in the neighborhood. The Watertown Police are seeking anyone with any information about the man-bun wearing man in the photos. Call the Watertown Police Department at 860-945-5200, or you could call in your report anonymously to CrimeStoppers at 860-945-9940, and if you do so, there's an anonymous cash reward waiting for you.

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