I've lived in the Town Plot section of Waterbury since 1984.

That's a pic from the Mt. Carmel Feast from July 12 of last year. We're 20 weeks away from stuffing our faces with fried dough and soffritto! It's just one of the unique places and events that my section of town provides to all Waterburians.

Funny, I still walk into D'Amelio's and expect to see Giuseppe making grinders behind the counter, I've taken my vehicles to Bobby at Town Plot Auto for many years, and the Schnaars family has kept me growing with the fine food they sell at Town Plot IGA.

Avventura's Deli is delicious as usual, and I noticed the other day that the Subway that used to be in Video World's location now moved to where Napoli's used to be on Highland. I still think of our little convenience store as "Marcie's" or "Villa's Corner."

I used to love dunking on the low rim at Town Plot Park.

I feel very fortunate to live in such a diverse neighborhood. Yes, it's mainly older Italian folks West of Highland Ave, but it's a once again thriving area to live in.

My other favorite festival is coming up soon too -- the Greek Festival! I can't wait til May. I might try to break the gyro eating record this year -- I'll post video of my attempt.

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