Every year, the City of Waterbury has hosted a marketplace, featuring local artisans from around the Brass City, that they've called the Waterbury Artisan's Marketplace. This year's event, which will be the 8th annual, is going to be at the typical location that it usually takes place at, Waterbury's City Hall, which is at 235 Grand Street in downtown. The big difference this year, is that the event is going to be held outside, in the plaza in front of City Hall. Waterbury Mayor Neil O'Leary just put up an announcement of his official Facebook page a few moments ago -

According to the post, masks and social distancing are required at the event, which will be taking place on Saturday, November 21, 2020, from 10AM until 4PM, in the Plaza in front of Waterbury City Hall, 235 Grand Street. I've personally been to this event maybe 4 out of the last 5 years, and it's a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon in downtown. If you go this year, you can expect more of the same from previous years events: Connecticut/Waterbury Artisans have created a variety of handcrafted gifts, including foods and snacks, jewelry, pottery and apparel, textiles, beverages, and seasonal holiday crafts and decorations.

I think it's nice that the city is attempting to put some much-needed revenue into the pockets of the starving artists in our community. I'm sure that the Mayor mulled it over very carefully, seeing that he recently battled Covid-19 himself. Be careful if you do attend next weekend.


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