I can't believe what I just watched.

Here we have a shark biting another shark in half. You wanna just move on with your life after that one, pretend like it's not real? Well, I can't do that. These creatures live on the same planet as us.

What do they always say about if a shark should attack you? They say to punch it in the nose. Do you think you, punching that, in it's face is going to do anything? I think what will come out of it, is the most lopsided boxing match in the history of combat sports.

That advice is for a small shark on the shoreline taking a nibble into Frank from Maine while on vacation. You can't apply it in the open sea with this thing because that shark eats punches for breakfast. For lunch it eats regular fish and for dinner it, apparently eats other sharks. Stay sharp kids, nature is wild.

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