It's happened once again -- two more hikers needed assistance from the Danbury Fire Department after they were unable to get back to their car after sunset.

It looks like this time, it was a mom and her son, who wandered a little too far, too late, and were having trouble getting back to their car as darkness fell.

Photo Credit: Liz Kaye

According to the Danbury Fire Department's Facebook page, the department received a call from the stranded hikers Wednesday evening, April 17, at approximately 8:23 pm. Within minutes, the department deployed its "Polaris Rangers" and a crew from Rescue 1.

With the aid of the cell phone signal from the hikers, they were able to place a pin on their mobile mapping system and used iPads to connect the dots and locate the hikers.

Here's a map supplied by the Danbury Fire Department that indicates the DFD position in the park and the location of the stranded hikers:

Danbury Fire Department Facebook Image

Within 24 minutes, the rescue crew reached the hikers and gave them a lift back to their car.

As the weather gets nicer, and more and more people hike at Tarrywile, the Danbury Fire Department reminds you to carry a well charged cell phone. So if you do happen to get stranded or lost, your phone will be ready to assist in the rescue.