UPDATE: The CT Department of Transportation reportedly fixed the traffic lights in record time and all is well in the world of traffic at that particular intersection.


The Brookfield Police Department has advised residents that they should expect delays this evening (July 17), as the traffic lights in a major intersection are not working.

According to a social media post, the lights that are currently out are the ones that control the intersection of Candlewood Lake Road, Federal Road and White Turkey Extension, and rush-hour travelers should do their best to avoid the area. They also ask that if you do in fact need to drive through that section of town, please do so with caution.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is currently on the scene, assisting the BPD with the flow of the evening traffic. It's not known right now exactly when the lights will be repaired, but they're being worked on as of the time of this story.

Be safe out there, folks!

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