The State of Connecticut is, of course, focused on the big issues of the day and toying with changing the state slogan again.

The current slogan is, "Still Revolutionary." It's only been the slogan for seven years, but everyone seems to agree that it sucks. So with that, we went to the best and the brightest for opinions on the matter: The Ethan and Lou Show listeners. First, I got mine in as usual, and then we took a few calls and I believe we found ourselves a winner. Here's how that went:

If it comes down to my jokes and other people's jokes, I will always choose mine. We have disqualified me from winning going forward just so others can be heard.

Mike's suggestion of: "Last one out, turn off the lights" was funny enough but more important it had the theme everyone seems to agree on. That theme, everyone is leaving the State of Connecticut, it's just a matter of time before we are all gone. Mike's joke echoed the sentiments of the group while being a little funny and incorporating a statement we are all very familiar with. Great job Mike, SHUT IT DOWN MIKE!

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