If you opened this, you already know the basics so skip down a bit. If you don't know why I wrote; "This is Why I Don't Gamble on Sports," here goes:

The Cowboys/Steelers:

Depending on when and where you placed your bet before Sunday's game between the Cowboys and Steelers, Pittsburgh was a 14.5 point favorite over Dallas. They were favored that heavily for several reasons:

  • The Steelers were undefeated at 7-0
  • The Cowboys were 2-6.
  • The Cowboys were starting their fourth string QB Gilbert Gottfried. Sorry, got that wrong, it was Garret Gilbert who is best known for not being known.

The facts are, the Cowboys have been a disaster and the Steelers have been near unbeatable all year. Not only did the Steelers not cover the 14.5 point spread but they trailed for a majority of the game.

Gilbert Gottfried (Garret Gilbert) played like an actual, top-level NFL QB against a great football team. The Steelers ended up beating the Cowboys but barely and a ton of gamblers lost their shirt yesterday.

The Bucs/Saints:

The Buccaneers were three point favorites over the rival Saints Sunday. The Bucs were 6-2, the Saints were 5-2 .Tom Brady versus Drew Brees, it was going to be one for the history books but it was not.

Tom Brady was picked off three times and sacked three times as the Buccaneers were destroyed 38-3 by the Saints. Tampa trailed 31-0 at the half and didn't even bother to score until there were 5:52 seconds left in the game. I would have picked the Saints straight up, based on their first meeting but never would have seen this coming.

Notre Dame/Clemson: 

For the extremely uninitiated, this is not the NFL but a college football game. Plain and simple, Clemson had won their last 36 games, yes 36-0 in their last 36 games.

Notre Dame always field a contender, a top ranked football team but does not play well against highly ranked opponents from the ACC or SEC. Notre Dame won Saturday's game 47-40 in double-overtime.

I know enough about College/Pro Football to be the most dangerous kind of gambler and I am grateful, that I don't have this itch or the money to scratch it because I would have lost a butt-load of money this past weekend.

I'd be both itchy and scratchy. Really guys, that was too much for one weekend. I hope none of you bet the parlay.

Stay safe and I'm sorry to my guys out there who did lose money this past weekend. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, Call 1-800-Gambler. 

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